Cross Border Ecommerce

Cross Border Ecommerce

As e-commerce is transforming the world into one global marketplace, Online Merchants and Payment Solution Providers are learning how to collaborate and share critical insight and strategic knowledge. In emerging markets millions of customers shop online and search for online discounts or products that are not available in domestic market. Thus Online Merchants can reap benefits by expanding their business into new geographical areas and offer a wider product portfolio to serve Global market.

We assist many online and offline traders with import from China to India with our hassle free services. Our services are:

Warehouse Management- SFC has a very advanced warehouse management system from barcoding to advanced product management. Product distribution for packaging at various stages is well defined and highly integrated.

Order Processing- SFC has structured a systematic process of packaging the orders to the delivery of products. The quality check and advanced bar code scanning help us in faster distribution. Moreover, there are automated systems for storing batches and packing the products methodically for the utmost satisfaction of all the customers.

Logistics- We provide global Logistics services and deliver unique solutions that will satisfy your needs all over the world in minimum turnout time.

These services will save the client’s time and help them to focus more on sales and other important business functions.

Cross Border Logistics

Cross Border Logistics

We provide cross-border logistics services to various e-commerce companies and traders around the world. We will provide you hassles free services for your international shipments from first mile to last in minimum turnaround time.


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